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I saw last night's entry and I feel I should say something to lighten the mood. Don't be angry with me, Undergrounders, I am not disregarding or ignoring what happened yesterday. I will not look at the memory-- although I know a few of you will hate me for that-- because I don't feel it's my role to do so. Instead, I will shed some light on it, because there is no reason for us to stumble around in that awful darkness, simply because we had it shoved upon us once again. At the risk of sounding harsh, we do not have the luxury of self-pity. We do not have the luxury of allowing ourselves to mourn and be mired in the aftermath of such an event. We do not have the luxury of melancholy! We must instead force ourselves to stand up, and turn our faces to the sun, walking towards the light even if our very bones are tired... because every single step we take, is another step away from the pain, from the Tar-blackened abyss. I'm not saying it isn't there. I'm just saying we have no reason to linger by it.

Okay. First things first.
What I know is that was a severe hack last night, that both David and Jeremiah were strongly traumatized by. All three of the Tar girls were involved (Julie, Missy, and Bridget), and Julie apparently used everything in her arsenal against us.
I will say no more as I know we are loathe to record these things, and it would be best for the fronters to simply forget it and move on.
Sugar is shouting at me. "The ones she attacked can't just forget it!" Perhaps not, no. But they CAN heal.
"Can you?" She asks. I want to say yes. That is the truth. But I know that these hacks would not be happening if we were truly healed completely.
Anyway. Let's get to the point.

Here's a quote from the GFP just now.
"Impossible, hard, difficult. These are just excuses to keep yourself from conquering your most challenging thoughts. They do not exist.You create them, just as you create your most lovely, perfect, rewarding moments."
That is true and we ALL know it. Can we please go back to living that way?
I don't remember 2011, but I am aware of 2011. I know that, somehow, during that year, headspace existed in total unity and harmony, DESPITE the Tar still existing, DESPITE the continuation of hacks. In 2011, the entire System was colored by peace and love and unity, until for some reason, it began to collapse in early 2012. That collapse has continued until now, with several massive destructive blows dealt this year, and now look at us. Most of us are dead, the few that are left are racked by agony and terror, there is disconnection between us all, we have forgotten how to hope. What happened?
"Human emotions are meant to FLOW, they are not meant to be anchored and that is what the old 3d earth reality taught deeply."
Very relevant to us, obviously. Perhaps this is why we lost so many.
But you see, we cannot hold on to these things!
"Our thoughts of fear are merely a release of old, outmoded consciousness vibrations that are falling away now... understand that old viewpoints and conditioned ideas of reality may require mental readjustments, but this is quickly done if we just allow ourselves to be and be with what is."

I know that's still hard for some of you. But it is possible. We've done it before. We can do it again now.

That's what I'm trying to say here.
Last night, there is one thing I want to emphasize. Julie used her entire potential against us. And guess what? If she had done that, say, three years ago, we'd probably be dead right now. But last night, we got out of it with significantly less damage than before. Yes, two of us still suffered terribly, but at least they were not killed. At least it was not twenty of us. You see what I mean? Julie did EVERYTHING she could, and it did LESS than it ever had before. Here we were, fearing she had somehow grown in power. But she is struggling to harm us now.
From what I am aware, she attempted forced body control, and failed. She had to push the body into near-unconsciousness before she could even get it to move at her behest. But she was being BLOCKED from fronting even then, although I am aware that she did try? Still, she was kicked out. Her psychological terrorism is no longer being allowed, not at all. "But she DID succeed in hacking us," you say. I know nothing of that event, but I do know she tried TWICE, and the second time WE WON. That was the more brutal, direct attempt, and somehow we still managed to kick her out completely, at the last second admittedly, and save ourselves from further terror.
This is too many words. Listen.
Point is, Julie has no true power over us, at ALL. Julie is utterly powerless in the big picture. So is the Tar. Why? Because their power is corrupt. It is not true. They hijack and use energy that was never meant to be wielded so cruelly. It is stolen power, unrighteous power, and it will not be allowed to continue. So have faith in that, find hope in that. It is true, I assure you.
As I said, we do not have the luxury of melancholy. We MUST hold fast to love and joy even now, in whatever ways we can. To David and Jeremiah, this is not impossible for you. Heal, yes, and acknowledge any pain you need to work through here. But do not let yourself get bogged down in hatred, or vengeance, or crippling fear. Realize that those things will pass. There is something better, beyond. Find your friends, who care. Hold on to that. Understand that nothing that Julie does to you, nothing that ANYONE does to you, no amount of pain and terror can EVER damage what you truly are. Think about it. We are all bound to the Spectrum here. We are all part of this great inner world, just as much as it is a part of us. And, despite what we have been fooled into thinking, this inner world of ours is not a cruel one. Headspace is benevolent, it consists of nothing but good, it exists to help us heal and grow. ONLY the Tar perpetuates suffering!!
So remember that, in times like this. Realize that the trauma of the past is in the past now. And when it is in the present, remember that it is not all there is. Do not give up. Do not give in to that fear. Remember the TRUTH of our lives, what we were born from and continue to live for, and AFFIRM THAT.
Laurie remembers. Ask her, if you have doubts. Laurie knows, when we still visited the Blood Lotus Cathedral, how powerful the light in our hearts is. She knows that better than anyone else here, perhaps. She, who was once a blood-spattered warrior, and is now a peacemaker and guide, understands that the Tar is ultimately powerless. It cannot harm her. And truthfully, it cannot harm us either, not permanently, although passing damage does hurt.
If you can find no hope in anything else, turn to the Spectrum itself. Feel what it is. See how every single color within it shines in harmony. Any corruption of it will fade, as it is not true. The same applies to you. You CAN heal, and you WILL heal, because the Tar is NOT stronger than you, nor will it ever be, for we are made of truer stuff than it.
Some things have to be believed to be seen they say. Believe in your own strength, and you will realize it has only been hidden from you. It has never been lost, it can never be taken from you. Have faith, and cherish hope, for no good thing ever dies.

Love, love is the key, always. Love, faith, hope, joy, courage, compassion, forgiveness, truth. Hold on to these things always, wherever you may find them. Do not underestimate them. Look within your hearts and you will know, even when your mind is troubled.
Do not let fear hold you down, as that is what the Tar needs to survive.
Do you see? Take your power back! Give nothing to the Tar. It seeks only ruin, destruction, despair. Refuse it that. It will try to trap you, to enslave you, but it can only do that if you allow fear to overtake you. Refuse it that!
When we are able to stand our ground in truth, without allowing ourselves to be overcome by its games, the Tar will fade away, forever. This I can guarantee. Raise your vibration, as they say. Shine so brightly that you burn through the smog and illusion. When we stop feeding this pitiful tarry being, consciously or unconsciously, it will disappear.
We all know, now, that even darkness is no enemy of ours. Shadows can heal, and the night sky is full of stars. Look to the Underground, look to Infinitii, and see how life and light and love can be found even in that darkest of energies. Then look to the Tar, and see its incompleteness, its dishonesty, its falseness. Do you understand?
Scars only linger on our skin. Our souls are forever untouched. And no amount of stolen blood will ever poison our hearts.

Bottom line: ultimately, we are all okay.
Even you, David, although now you may feel like little more than a scared and helpless child. I assure you, you are not helpless, and you will not be scared forever. You will heal, and we will be here for you always. But remember, you have power too. You need not wait for others. There is just as much strength and light within you as there is within any one of us. Remember, you are just as vital a part of this System as your friends are. Have no fear, even if you are afraid. They are two very different things, survival and terror. Survive, always survive, but do not be consumed by fear. We live in a blessedly strange world, remember. There is always hope for you, and always will be.
And Jeremiah, you who sacrifice yourself for the sake of the little ones, look at your fears. Realize that in them, you allow yourself to be further damaged. Your terror is understandable, but it is misaligned. What does fear accomplish? Yes, survive, just as David must, but replace your fear with courage, and faith. Even if they try to harm you, even if they succeed, remember what you know to be true. Their victories are not true victories; they are shallow and will fade into nothingness. This is because they ultimately accomplish nothing of lasting consequence. Yes, your wounds will heal too. You can be happy, and so you will be, if you hold on to it. Believe in it. There is so much more to life than pain, even in the very face of it. Count how many moments you are safe, and treasure them. Then realize that you are always safe in the end. All of you, even the ones you protect. Continue to guard them, but do not live in paranoia. Take your power back. Live.

This goes for all of us. Hold on to this. Laurie, remind those who forget. You know this is your deeper role.

Here, two quotes from An Acceptable Time.

"There are powers of love in the universe, and as long as you respond with love, they'll help you."
"An icon... didn't stop bad things from happening... An icon is not meant to be an idol. Just a reminder that love is greater than hate."

Fear not. Think not of battles to be won, for victory was always, and will always be, ours.

gfp notes

Sep. 29th, 2013 04:30 pm
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Whoa hey, VERY important note on the GFP this afternoon.
I would post the whole thing here but it's huge, so here's the link to read, and I'll just write a few notes on it here.

Okay, I'm doing 1-2-3, 4 I haven't felt the need to try, 5 is a bit expensive but I'll keep it in mind... but 6 jumped out at me.
I've known for a long time now that I can no longer handle social environments, because of the energy I feel there. I cannot go into malls or stores or the like without someone being triggered, dissociating wildly, or otherwise being completely thrown off-balance. I do what I can to ground, but honestly I think it's just better if I avoid those places from now on (the one excursion last Thursday made me a bit of a mental mess for the rest of the day).
The second half of that is VERY RELEVANT too, capslock for emphasis. "Don't engage in lower energy conversations." Unfortunately those happen daily in my household. Thankfully I dislike such talk the way it is, so I've been actively removing myself from the area whenever they occur for several months now. Sometimes I'll get pulled in without realizing, but when I do that there will always be an inner warning, either from "above headspace" or from someone within the System. Plus I can actually feel the energy shift in me, and it makes me feel physically ill. Honestly that's been taking me by surprise lately-- many things I used to discuss casually with my family now make me feel very unwell. As I said, though, I'm getting much better at gauging my own energy, so when people start flinging grudges and old hurts and conspiracies I know enough to not get involved.
My biggest problem is still judging myself though. My godsend of a therapist is helping immensely in getting us to work through our old pains efficiently, something we struggled with alone for ages. Infinitii is also helping me personally, now that he's back and functioning better himself, but he deals with REALLY deep stuff, things that even Laurie won't touch, so there is a LOT of trauma and old self-hatred being dug up here. He is forever patient though, and compassionate, so he can handle it, which initially surprised me but I'm so grateful for it. He doesn't seem capable of losing hope. But that's practically mandatory for someone with his job, which is to hold the most dangerous and yet the most powerful slot in the System-- the Black slot, the color of space and infinite potential, the well of creation from which life springs. That's what it's supposed to be, not the sticky Tar stuff we've been used to dealing with. We know this.
And, again, A Wind In The Door cut straight to my heart with its relevance on that point. How do you fill an empty heart, how do you overcome cold nothingness, how do you win against the Echthroi if fighting makes them stronger? How do we win against the Tar if fighting it makes it stronger? Simple. You love. You love with everything you are, unconditionally, and you fill the void with that joy of being.
We learned that truth a long time ago, but somehow we forgot it. Maybe that was needed too. All I know is that right now, it's the perfect time to remember.

Point 7 is huge. "Get off media."
I haven't watched TV in months. I don't listen to the radio anymore. I don't even have the heart to play video games-- that little round of SC4 yesterday was tough enough, what with the fighting. We've all kind of agreed that we no longer need to do things like that.
However, the Internet is still something I stick around on, here and there, for the sake of records like this and checking relevant sites. Unfortunately... there is a LOT of tar-sticky stuff on here. I avoid Tumblr now, same with deviantART when I'm not posting things. I only use FB to briefly keep in contact with acquaintances, otherwise I don't touch it. Even my old Youtube subscriptions are getting harder and harder to watch, music channels included. So many things just feel heavy, and painful, and dark anymore. But it's easy to let go once I realize that. There's no desire to deny that, and hold on selfishly. If it makes me energetically ill now, I just shrug and leave it behind.
Ironically, that IS happening with Homestuck now. The violence was tough enough for me to manage from the beginning, but now I just don't feel any real interest in the entire thing anymore. Which is kind of hilarious, as I used to think it was the best thing ever. Oh well, things change. I'm still reading a few other comics-- notably Paranatural and Olympus Overdrive-- but I've had to ditch most of the others. I'm going to be more vigilant now and toss anything else that feels problematic. Right now I'm sticking to L'Engle's books, and I haven't felt too shaken by Animorphs yet. Again, we'll just see how things develop. But I like the emphasis on the frequencies of those who created the media we take in, too. That is important and I've overlooked it.
You know, I think this is why I am literally incapable of working on the LeagueWorlds when I'm in a bad mood, or feeling down, or when it's too much of an intellectual effort. That sort of energy doesn't belong in there! And it's making me seriously reconsider the way I work, too, especially with Dream World. That's actually been following by the wayside because of the sheer amount of thinking I need to do with all the technical points. It burns me out so fast, it can't be right. I think I'm going to re-read the original chapters a few times over, get a feel for the way I used to write when I didn't care about technical info. And L'Engle is inspiring me here, too. In her books, fantastic and amazing things happen, but she NEVER goes into lecture mode with "and this is exactly how it works and why..." Honestly I think I'd lost all interest if she did, it would bog me down. On the contrary, she assures us that we can know things without understanding them, and that doesn't make them any less true. I'd also like to add that we can understand things without "knowing" them in a concrete way, too. So that feels very strongly like the direction I need to take now.
As for all the other series... I don't know. I love them all, but they're impossible to write for now because of the old energy in them. Mage Angels especially, which is ironically my most developed series. I think the ONLY thing keeping it alive is the vein of indomitable hope that runs through it, in spite of all the pain and despair.
In general, I'm just tired of the fighting. I'm tired of separation and cynicism and bitterness and depression. I want to write happy things, I don't want to see the people in these stories suffer either. But then I wonder, doesn't that defeat the purpose of stories? If stories exist to tell tales of growth and human nature, what happens to the stories when there is no need for conflict anymore? I don't know. Maybe we don't need that kind of story anymore. Maybe just living simply is all we need anymore. It's all I want now, when I really feel about it. I think that's a better sort of story.

This is what's been distressing our System for over a full year now. "If we were created from pain and fear, to prevent pain and fear, can we keep existing once we completely overcome those things?" Can we become something better, greater, brighter?
Long story short, yes. Yes we can. I'm trying to let my therapist know this too-- she's still unsure whether or not integration would be better, but then again she doesn't even know us as people yet-- but no rush. We all know and accept and embrace that hope now. We can be something new. We don't have to fight anymore. Heck, Laurie's probably the most enthusiastic about it, and she was the most violent of us all. Now she's quickly becoming the exact opposite, and I have to smile, because this feels like it was her real role all along.
Knife's on board, Mulberry's on board, Sugar's on board, and I know even Razor would be too if she could just get over her obsession with cutting things (can we find a non-violent outlet for that?). Everyone who's currently alive in the System-- besides Julie unfortunately-- wants a different future, wants a life where they can be happy, and unafraid, instead of what we're currently still dealing with. But we'll get there. That's a guarantee.
The most important thing of that paragraph to me personally, though, was "don't tell people what to do!!" That's an old and useless part of my personality, I think. As a kid I would boss everyone around. Growing older I became used to following everyone else's rules unquestioningly, but also feeling obligated to "lead everyone else." That's actually the first thing that started making me feel sick when I realized it, would you believe? People would ask for my opinion, or "what they should do," or anything that put me on the spot to make some sort of judgment over another's thoughts or actions, and as soon as I'd start talking, I'd feel uneasy. "Don't be talking in absolutes," I'd hear. "Don't act like you know things for sure." Stop assuming that there was only one right answer, and stop pursuing that false ideal so doggedly. Stop being so paranoid about everyone else's decisions because "you care about their well-being." Guess what? The Universe cares about them too! Everything will work out, trust it. Their lives aren't yours. Share advice, but let THEM choose what to do with it. Push no one. Lead only without leading. Everyone has their own path, so walk yours well, and let that be all.

Point 9 actually surprised me. "If you are not doing a higher consciousness spiritual practice, just ‘being the Love and the Light’ is no longer sufficient." My knee-jerk reaction was that I was failing at this, haha. Go away, old instincts! But no, I'm not a total failure. I am meditating, but it would be wiser to do so more often, and more deeply, ESPECIALLY now that headspace is coming together again. I am clearing a great deal of old debris, but it would be very unwise to just sit back and wait for it to dissolve, instead of taking initiative myself. I am well aware of several barriers still existing, all rooted in some strange unclear fear, barriers that actually became VERY clear to me while reading A Wind in The Door, no surprise. Since my conscious mind seems reluctant to dive in and dismantle those fears, meditation is required to find them and gently remove them for good. My only protest is that the atmosphere inside this house is rather dense, and meditation can be incredibly difficult when all around me there is noise and heaviness and strange feelings that make me want to cry or scream if I let them unbalance me. The solution? Go outside! It's always there for me, and I know that as soon as I walk out the front door, I can actually feel a weight fall off my shoulders. Plus, I already know that my clearest meditations happen in cars, or standing on the front lawn! It's quiet and closer to the world than it is inside these four walls, smothered by too much clutter and old pain. So go outside, dude. You need to.

Point 10. How fitting, as I've been concerned about this for months now.
I'm also going to paste the entire paragraph here, as it's perfectly relevant as is.

"99% of channelers mean well but a huge percentage of them have no way of knowing if what they receive is pure. You are the final say on that. If it is part of your pathway of growth to be deceived or mislead, you will be; but if you are aware that such a thing can occur, maybe then you are gaining the wisdom to avoid relearning old lessons over and over again. Don’t give away your power to a channeled concept or idea or being. If they can assist you to become more of your Higher self, then use that guidance. If they want to allow you to sit by and have them do the work of increasing the Light for you; then don’t follow that advice/suggestion. You are not just a being of Love and Light, if you did not have to do any work on yourself, you sure as heck would not be on this planet, right?"

I think that's all I'm going to write for today.
I'm debating whether or not to re-read A Swiftly Tilting Planet next, as I actually first read it immediately after the Scratch this February, and although all the war stuff was somewhat tedious for me to read, the book still had enough of an impact on me to reduce me to tears for a good 15 minutes after turning the final page-- specifically because of how relevant it was to both the LeagueWorlds AND headspace. So for that fact, I seriously think I should re-read it, despite my reluctance at dealing with the colonial bigotry and such that Charles has to witness during his travels. I have faith enough in Mrs. L'Engle to trust that the book will nevertheless be important now, as it was 7 months ago, when this strange inner ordeal of mine started. Perhaps that fact alone is why I am reluctant. We shall see.

Before I close up, though, I just want to thank Infi for helping me heal from the trauma the other day, and for being wise about it, since it was really late and I was slipping really badly. But it worked, somehow, and he has my gratitude for it. Don't let my ego try to deny that, because it does. It likes to deny progress out of fear of the past. Don't listen when it does that, because the past no longer has any power over any of us.

"If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego... and the internal dialogue. Make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved & the need to judge. Those are the 3 things the ego is doing all the time. It's very important to be aware of them every time they come up."

Until next time.


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