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scroll past this entry for regular updates; this is a sticky post purely for its constant relevance

(system FAQ= here)

This is a SYSTEM LIST organized by LEVEL, for all members of the LIGHTRAYE SYSTEM.
(For a list organized by Spectrum color, please click here.)
Avatars were created HERE and are therefore accurate only to the best of our ability.
This post will be updated as more avatars are completed; as such it is currently incomplete.

CORES ("Mains")

Individuals who are tied to the original host identity, and/or the "bloodline" of core fronters.
They are the foundations of the System.
Their fronting rights vary wildly, but all can front whenever they wish.
They have no native level, but they work with Central, and move freely throughout all of headspace.

CURRENT: Infinitii EternosJay Iridos  PREVIOUS: Jewel Lightraye Celebreon 

The original "headvoices," and overseers of the entire System.
They deal with inner maintenance, protecting the cores and actively resisting the Tar/Plague.
They can front whenever they wish, typically for management purposes, but are not triggered.
They reside in Central, but can freely move between levels.

Spine HypomoneJavierLynne StabelleJosephina BellameireNathaniel Victoire
Waldorf KalliopeLeon KiasiLaurie UberichJulie Enantios

Individuals who reside in the buildings of Central City, or in the areas outside the City.
They have benevolent "helper" roles, and are not tied to any trauma or triggers.
They are not triggered, and can only front if they are asked to.
They stay in Central City, and only rarely visit Central or the Underground.

ARCHIVISTS ("Data Voices")

Individuals who tend to 'float' in non-space, without entering the City.
They deal exclusively with data management.
They only front when asked to; otherwise, they guide all other fronters.
They have no native level, but their locations are analogous to Midspace.


Individuals who reside in the streets/ground level of Central City.
They deal with holding and healing emotional trauma and triggers.
They front when triggered. Some can front if they wish to.
They reside in both Central City and the Underground, and work with the latter.

UNDERGROUND MEMBERS ("Undergrounders")

Individuals who reside below Central City, in the catacombs and tunnels.
They deal with inner maintenance, physical atonement, and/or preventing further trauma.
They can front whenever they wish, but may also be triggered, although this is rare.
They reside in the Underground and rarely leave it unless direly needed. They work with Central.
RazorAlgorithMintyChristina MarieSugarMulberry Delta BrandyKnife


Individuals who exist almost exclusively "in the body," as opposed to in headspace.
They deal with direct aspects of physical life, as opposed to inner life.
They front when triggered, and/or when their anchors are sufficiently focused upon.
They have no native inner level as they do not typically reside there, but by default they first appear in the Underground.

OUTSPACERS ("Walk-ins")

Individuals from media sources or Leagueworlds whose dreamselves have "moved into" our System.
They have no specific System function, but offer their support when able.
They are incapable of fronting. Many of them prefer to "ghost" in physical reality, to help current fronters.
They work with Central when needed.
Mister SandmanGenesis ApolymisChaos ZeroRio SaikarasMarkus BarashirXenophon Lephise


Individuals whose role, functions, levels, etc. are currently unclear to us.


Individuals that have been corrupted by the Tar/Plague, or who work for it of their own free will.
They are actively malevolent towards the rest of the System.
They can only front by "hacking."
They have no native level, but seem to stay hidden in the Underground, or allegedly beneath it.


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