Oct. 27th, 2013

oct 27

Oct. 27th, 2013 10:27 pm
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(edit; our browser crashed 2+ hours into this entry and the draft didn't save, so we lost a ton of typing. this may be for the best, but in any case we can't restore it, only re-write it if we wish.)

Bullet points for the lost data:

- tons of memory gaps today due to tons of stress and dissociation
- little yellow boy fronted this morning, 10 minutes solid no interruption, oddly level emotionally
- several people fronted when driving, including a scared little boy, and the really angry voice from the voice recordings
- genesis helped j at the hospital for a bit, he kept dissociating badly
- got home, mother was there, the voice that hated her came out, angry and sobbing saying this is hell," said she'd "kill her" (the mother) if she had to face her again.
- emmett is alive, he showed up to eat temporarily
- huge time loss in the evening
- some guy was singing on the way back to the hospital, really loud guy, possibly rock band person.
- j is reviewing archive entries and learning a lot

(after this the author is unknown)

maybe its for the best

before all our intnernet windows crashed there was one new window that opened to say this
"You asked for a new world. Why would you expect it to include your old lives?"
and then everything froze and crashed
so maybe deleting everything is god's will
just are we not SUPPOSED to remember these things?
don't you habe to remember to heal?
why would you delete everything so we forget again

i dont know im sick and i want to throw up now from how upset this made me
good night


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