Sep. 25th, 2013

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Before I really check out for the night, two images I found in a folder (from the OLD Xanga archives-- we're talking January 2011 here) that are relevant. Thanks universe.

(Red is me, Violet is Laurie, Aqua is Chaos, Lilac is Josephina.)

First, about feeling like my own interests are selfish:
screencap from this session:

Second, about why there's a big split between inner and outer:
screencap from this session:

I miss having Xanga sessions. We're all seriously considering buying an account on the new website IF they have a similar entry box; we only used Xanga for our sessions because there was no limit on post lengths, and it was immensely easy to color peoples text line by line in realtime.
In any case though, we do need to start talking together again, especially since there are so many new people now. It would help.
I'll review some more archives tomorrow, maybe. Right now all I need to do is sleep. Boss is going to be wondering where in the world I am!


spectrumheart: a floating ring of rainbow light. (Default)
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